Jun. 7th, 2015

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The Dresden Files

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Yes, please. Though if it takes weeks between posts I might forget about it.
Threadhopping: So long as there is an open door, anyone can jump in, I enjoy this.
Offensive subjects: None.

IC information
Species: Fae
Role/Faction: Lady of Air and Darkness, Unseelie Court
Strength: 2
Magic: 6
Friends/Allies: tbd and most likely to be allies as opposed to friends.
Enemies: tbd, technically the Summer Court
Relationship status: Unattached
Notable physical characteristics: She's tall, around six feet. Pure white, very long hair, color shifting eyes in greens, blues and violets, Cat-like pupils though she can make them look normal around humans, abnormally pale skin. Sharp teeth and slightly pointed ears when she isn't using glamor.
Notable magical characteristics: All her magics that aren't general fae abilities focus on winter, air and darkness. So sudden ice, or encroaching darkness might happen if she's around. The air tends to be cooler and drier in her general vicinity.
Offensive subjects: Nothing's a no go, but some things will make her want to hurt you such as disrespecting her in any way or mentioning her daughter.
Warnings: Mab can be summoned by most anyone with some magical power but no one likes a cranky Lady in their circle and unless you have something worth her while you'd better watch your back. And your front, and above you. You get the idea.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Yes and expect to get it back in kind.
Injuring this character: It takes pretty specific things to hurt her in any lasting way (silver and iron)
Torturing this character: Yes with discussion.
Killing this character: Up for discussion, it would take a lot to do.
Mental/emotional torment: If you can find a way.
Physical intimacy: At your own risk. Mab enjoys it when she wishes to do so.
Romance: Mab isn't very romantic in nature nor monogmous. You can try?
Using magic on this character: Yes
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: She'll know you're doing it and it might cause you physical pain to do so but if you want to, go for it. It may be difficult to understand her thoughts though.
Using mind control on this character: Talk to me first.

Notes/Other: Mab does not think like mortals. Her main purposes are to protect the balance between summer and winter. She will do anything to accomplish this so little things like mortals and their pettiness can be beneath her. But show a little promise and she will see no problem finding a way to use a character for her ends and right now she won't discriminate based on species. Cause problems that could be counter to her goals and she will act quickly and decisively.

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