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Queen of Air and Darkness

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Name:Mab Lady of Air and Darkness

Mab is the ruler of the Unseelie Court (Winter) of the Sidhe, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She will talk circles around you, and only answer questions for a price, and that price is often dangerously steep. And she might be slightly insane. She has a wicked temper, her previous Winter Knight betrayed her and he was hung up on a tree naked in Arctis Tor, her castle in the heart of Winter. There he was tortured until he was blind and barely alive and then she nursed him back to health, lay with him and cared for him before crucifying him again to repeat the torture. Her current Winter Knight is Harry Dresden, whom she trained into the position by creatively trying to murder him once a day over 77 days. She is the mother of Maeve the former Winter Lady, who was taken by the Adversary and had to be destroyed. She is also the mother of the new Summer Lady, Sarissa.

The Dresden Files and Queen Mab are ©2006 Jim Butcher, I do not own or make any money from this journal, it is only for roleplay purposes. I also do not own Jessica Stam who is my main PB for Mab nor do I own any pictures by Josefine Jönsson I have modified pictures taken by others to use as Mab.

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From Theresa Bane's article Fairies & The Dresden Files Universe

...Queen Mab is the primary ruler of the three Queens of the Unseelie (also known as Winter) Court, an evil and cold hearted bitch with lips that look like frozen raspberries. She purchased Harry’s debt from his (I kid you not) godmother who happens to be a faerie. Mab is among the most powerful beings in the Dresden Files so far encountered, as she performs powerful spells of magic with a casual and lackadaisical ease. She may be going insane, and in all fairness, many in her court already are, so it’s hard to tell. Since she is a secretive and manipulative being, she could be merely acting so...

...In the Dresden Files, each of the Courts is set up as one might imagine a human court of royalty to be. Faerie Knights and Lords and Ladies abound, as do armies on both sides. But that is about where the similarity ends. The Faeries of the Dresden Files are clearly not humans; they do not think like humans, have goals and objectives like humans, or think along even a similar wavelength as humans. In fact, they pity humans for their mortality, morality, and limited understanding of their own world and everything in it. Humans on the other hand have trouble understanding Faerie objectives and goals because the fey are just not motivated by the same things that humans are. Even abstracts, such as power, are not sought after the way or for the same reasons that humans seek it. Basically, understanding the fey is like trying to understand why nature is the way it is. A hurricane is not an evil being, but it is an aspect of nature, how it is interpreted by humans is what makes it evil, and then only to humans. Sharks don’t care about hurricanes anymore than they would tumbleweeds or the stock market, and why would they?...

Description from Small Favor:
The glittering snow on the alley floor blended seamlessly into a sparkling white gown, tinted here and there with streaks of frozen blue or glacial green. I lifted my eyes.

She wore the gown with inhuman elegance, its rippling fabric draping with feminine perfection, her body a perfect balance of curves and planes, beauty and strength. The gown was cut low, and left her shoulders and arms bare. Her skin made the snow seem a bit sallow by comparison. Glittering colors flickered at her wrists, her throat, and upon her fingers, always changing, cycling through deep blue and green and violet iridescence. Her fingernails glittered with the same impossibly shifting hues.

Upon her head was a circlet of ice, elegant and intricate, as if it had been formed from a single crystalline snowflake. Her hair was long, past her hips, long and silken and white, blending into the gown and the snow. Her lips -her gorgeous, sensual lips- were the color of frozen raspberries.

She was a vision of beauty, the kind that has inspired artists for centuries, immortal beauty that is rarely imagined, much less actually seen. Beauty like hers should have struck me senseless with joy. It should have made me weep and give thanks to the Almighty that I had been allowed to look upon it. It should have stopped my breath and made my heart lurch with delight.

It didn't.

It terrified me.

It terrified me because I could also see her eyes. They were wide, feline eyes, vertically slitted like a cat's. They shifted color in time with her gems-or, more likely, the gems changed color in time with her eyes. And though they, too, were beautiful beyond the bounds of mortality, they were cold eyes, inhuman eyes, filled with intelligence and desire, but empty of compassion or pity.

Dresden Files Wiki file on Mab

Jim Butcher on Mab's raw power and who could actually kill her:

Hmmm. In terms of pure, raw power, several who have appeared or been mentioned in the books could pull it off, though neither side would really "win" as much as "continue to exist." Plus, the sudden absence of Mab would do freaking HIDEOUS things to the earth. But here's who has the necessary horsepower do it:
  • Titania--though it would be a coin toss. Almost literally.

  • The Mothers (who wouldn't)

  • The White Council. As in, ALL the White Council. Every wizard on the planet. And they'd need her Name.

  • Drakul.

  • Ferrovax.

  • The Red Court--again, ALL the Red Court, though their odds wouldn't be good.

  • The entire White Court--very, very long odds on that, but if they actually pulled it off, whoever took Mab would effectively control her power.

  • Cowl (if the Darkhallow had succeeded).

  • A union of the old Elders of the Black Court. They were freaking scary until the Whites arranged to have them hounded down by mortals.

All of that, of course, assumes that Mab is standing there alone, outside of Faerie, and not commanding an entire nation, literally millions and millions and millions of nightmarish creatures of every description. Which she does.

There's a REASON that when Mab said, "Sign these Accords and abide by them," people listened. :D

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