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The tinkling of bells announces a visitor in the shop as the door opens and a breeze that feels like the onset of winter sweeps into the building rustling papers and sapping moisture out of the air. When the door shuts again with another soft tinkling of bells the cool stays, drifting through the room in silent fingers of chill. The soft clicks of heels on hardwood can be heard in the quiet of the building. When the woman comes into view, her most striking feature, and she has many, is the pure white hair, pulled up onto her head in a loose mass. Her pale skin glows in the sunlight trickling in through the windows and her green eyes scan the surroundings, taking in the piles of antiques looking almost haphazard and stacked to loosely resemble order. Her fingers lift to run delicately along the heft of what looks like a Ming Dynasty warrior's spear. She moves farther in, passing stacks of books and an old writing desk as she looks for the proprietor of the shop, she does not appear to be in a hurry but her motions are brusque enough to see that she is not simply browsing. As her hand brushes across a writing desk she lifts up something silver and shining. Not the darker look of iron but pure silver, some sort of disk that she sets back down absently. "Hello?"

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