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Guesting Laws

Guesting Laws

If you act as a a guest you must:
  • Cause no harm physical or honorable to your host or those they have declared as their guests.
  • Treat your host with respect.
  • Abide by any rules set forth by your host at the outset of being declared guest.
Hosts obligations:
  • See to the needs of guests
  • Do not harm (physically or honorably) guests
  • Do not allow harm to come to guests by others
Conflicting claims or disputes between guests can be resolved with a challenge.  The two opposing parties may select champions to compete and the winner earns the support of the hosting party. A refusal to take the challenge is an automatic forfeit. This can be a blood challenge (trial by combat) or a game of some sort.

Defeat in Battle:
All guesting laws also apply to those taken prisoner as well, if the caught party agrees to a peaceful surrender and to become the capturing party’s vassal. 
  • Their life is the capturing party’s to do with as they please as long as they don’t starve them or make them an oathbreaker
  • The new vassal must do as ordered. 
  • Those they previous served can only release them by paying a ransom.

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