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Mar. 9th, 2024 07:50 pm
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MAB, Queen of Air and Darkness

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Be careful not to become a new piece of the ice garden.

Do you have criticism for Mab? This is the safest place to proclaim these.

If you need to contact Mab this is also the best place to do so.
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Name/Alias: Athena
Plurk: AthenaZ

Character Name: Queen Mab
Source: The Dresden Files (she is current through Skin Games)
Genre: The series is Urban Fantasy, Mab is High Fantasy

Personality )

History )

Powers/Abilities ).

Physical )

Important to note )

Grudges )

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Guesting Laws

If you act as a a guest you must:
  • Cause no harm physical or honorable to your host or those they have declared as their guests.
  • Treat your host with respect.
  • Abide by any rules set forth by your host at the outset of being declared guest.
Hosts obligations:
  • See to the needs of guests
  • Do not harm (physically or honorably) guests
  • Do not allow harm to come to guests by others
Conflicting claims or disputes between guests can be resolved with a challenge.  The two opposing parties may select champions to compete and the winner earns the support of the hosting party. A refusal to take the challenge is an automatic forfeit. This can be a blood challenge (trial by combat) or a game of some sort.

Defeat in Battle:
All guesting laws also apply to those taken prisoner as well, if the caught party agrees to a peaceful surrender and to become the capturing party’s vassal. 
  • Their life is the capturing party’s to do with as they please as long as they don’t starve them or make them an oathbreaker
  • The new vassal must do as ordered. 
  • Those they previous served can only release them by paying a ransom.
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Used for this month's activity check
Nogitsune cont. (2)
Derek at the Widdowson party (4)
Cooper cont. (6)

Extra activity
Faolan in the park (11)
Faust gets information (11)
Jackson being friendlier (9)
Heiji - Lewisham territory claim (30)
Nancy - Liar liar (15)

Test Drive:
Jensen carries her book (4)
Bucky in a bad place (5)

Willard wants answers (4)
Balem and a meteor shower (5)
Faust summons his wife (2)
Mab's catch all - Clara, Faust and Esmeralda (16)
Clara's Birthday (5)
Killian at the port (8)

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Kenzi at the Litha Feast (8)
Derek Hale - July replies (6)
Widdowson PartyContinuation of Mab's first post (July posts)Feeding Malia (8)
The Test DriveMeeting Cooper (7)
Bromley Claim
The HuntAt the Park with Faolan (7)
Books with Arthur (2)
Mab's July Post (15)
Stiles walking the dogs (2)
Total 186 = 15 points max

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The Dresden Files

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Yes, please. Though if it takes weeks between posts I might forget about it.
Threadhopping: So long as there is an open door, anyone can jump in, I enjoy this.
Offensive subjects: None.

IC information
Species: Fae
Role/Faction: Lady of Air and Darkness, Unseelie Court
Strength: 2
Magic: 6
Friends/Allies: tbd and most likely to be allies as opposed to friends.
Enemies: tbd, technically the Summer Court
Relationship status: Unattached
Notable physical characteristics: She's tall, around six feet. Pure white, very long hair, color shifting eyes in greens, blues and violets, Cat-like pupils though she can make them look normal around humans, abnormally pale skin. Sharp teeth and slightly pointed ears when she isn't using glamor.
Notable magical characteristics: All her magics that aren't general fae abilities focus on winter, air and darkness. So sudden ice, or encroaching darkness might happen if she's around. The air tends to be cooler and drier in her general vicinity.
Offensive subjects: Nothing's a no go, but some things will make her want to hurt you such as disrespecting her in any way or mentioning her daughter.
Warnings: Mab can be summoned by most anyone with some magical power but no one likes a cranky Lady in their circle and unless you have something worth her while you'd better watch your back. And your front, and above you. You get the idea.

IC permissions
General physical violence: Yes and expect to get it back in kind.
Injuring this character: It takes pretty specific things to hurt her in any lasting way (silver and iron)
Torturing this character: Yes with discussion.
Killing this character: Up for discussion, it would take a lot to do.
Mental/emotional torment: If you can find a way.
Physical intimacy: At your own risk. Mab enjoys it when she wishes to do so.
Romance: Mab isn't very romantic in nature nor monogmous. You can try?
Using magic on this character: Yes
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: She'll know you're doing it and it might cause you physical pain to do so but if you want to, go for it. It may be difficult to understand her thoughts though.
Using mind control on this character: Talk to me first.

Notes/Other: Mab does not think like mortals. Her main purposes are to protect the balance between summer and winter. She will do anything to accomplish this so little things like mortals and their pettiness can be beneath her. But show a little promise and she will see no problem finding a way to use a character for her ends and right now she won't discriminate based on species. Cause problems that could be counter to her goals and she will act quickly and decisively.
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Like | | Interest | Interest (adult) | Interest (posessive) |   Respect | Useful (tool)
Simple Minded | ♡ Indifference | A Little unhinged | Annoyance | Dislike | Intense Dislike

(Anything in parenthesis is something Mab doesn't know in character.)

Abilities: Abilities unknown
Lord of the Cherry Blossoms, Seelie Court
Info: Likes Murder Mysteries.  Mab's personal Google. Refuses help.  Irreparably good (in bed).

Abilities: Summoning (assumed), using the cellphone
Title: Dark Witch
Info: Easily scared.   Possibly useful and can show some backbone when push comes to shove. Leader of her own coven.  Fae protector is a recluse (Name: Unthank)

Abilities: Cait Sidhe
Titles: Sir, Knight of the Unseelie Court
Info: Careful.  Very interesting.

Abilities: unknown
Titles: Lord of Stars, Unseelie Court
Info: Lives in an observatory, collects things. Cautious, possible ally.  Also annoyed by closing doors between realms. Polite. Pleasantly bloodthirsty.

Abilities: Cold
Titles: Miss
Info: Careful but shows potential.

Abilities: Vampire
Titles: Vampire, addict

Abilities: Knowledgeable about the human world, serviceable dancer
Titles: Sir, Knight of the Unseelie Court

Abilities: Werewolf
Titles: Alpha
Info: Polite, listens to his instincts. 

Abilities: destruction of property, rudeness
Titles: Unknown
Info: Confrontational. 

Abilities: Unknown
Titles: AKA Hecate

Abilities: Non-corporeal
Titles: Formerly
Info: Willing to provide information that she discovers by being around.  Enthusiastic and has a high moral code and doesn't seem to understand whom she has offered to help beyond the fact that Mab is fae.

Abilities: Dancing
Titles: Mr.
Info:  A little down.

Abilities: Guns, Explosives, Idiocy
Titles: Human

Abilities: Climbing

Abilities: Fast, skilled at combat
Titles: Officer
Info: Spent five years in the Other Realm with the Seelie.  Good at combat, though he doesn't carry any proper weapons.  That should be rectified.

Abilities/Jobs: Messenger
Titles: Mistress
Info:  Daughter of the Court Seer, playfully destructive, cheerful.


Abilities: Healing, Animating Bones
Titles: Doctor
Info: Not completely sane, appears to dig up cemeteries. Wants to resurrect his wife.

Abilities: Grumpy Phone Guru
Titles: --





code by [community profile] cawaii
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Player information
Name: Athena
Contact: [plurk.com profile] AthenaZ or send me a message here.
Are you 18 or over? Yes
Other characters played:n/a

Character information
Name: Mab (Queen Mab in canon) sometimes she will go by the alias Ms. Sommerset
Age: immortal, thousands of years old, usually looks between 25-40
Date of Birth: Winter Solstice (Dec 21 ish). If I have to pick a more specific year than long ago, it would be in the BC range between 600 and 500.
Canon: The Dresden Files
Species: Fae
Role: Unseelie Court - Lady Winter - She affects winter and the balance it plays with the other seasons. All her goals are in keeping that balance and she fully intends to become Queen. In this vein she might seek stronger humans or even non-humans whom she can deal into her service. She would do best in the Unseelie court as she is the Queen of Winter in her canon.

Rank: 4 | Strength: 2 | Magic: 7

Background:  Mab was born into the Unseelie court long ago to fully Fae parents, both a Lord and Lady in their own rights. She had a harsh childhood as her parents believed in learning by doing which generally meant trial by fire. It does not take long for one to grasp how to misinform while telling the truth, it takes a little longer to learn to survive the highly political and more bloodthirsty court of the Unseelie. She learned to fight and deal early on and can be ruthlessly aggressive when necessary but also knows when to sit back and observe, collect information and then spring a trap at an opportune moment. She spent most of her time in the Other Realm and therefore has had much less chance to interact with humanity as a whole and may be worse at behaving like a human while in the regular world than some of her contemporaries may have. She was sent North to Scandinavia several years back when her ambitions in court grew a little too enterprising for those ranked above her and she’s spent her time there honing her abilities and making connections with Unseelie Fae. She has ties to the Cait Sìdhe community, specifically the Malks as well as several Yeti clans from Norway. There are rumors she has a fetch or two who owe her favors as well. Her parents do not have any current contact with her and it is believed her mother has moved to the court in Russia while her father forayed into Italy. Monogamy isn't really in the nature of her antecedents and Mab is similar in nature. She does care for her parents in her own way but she has no interest in searching them out.

While she was up north she bore a child with a minor Fae, Maeve. She truly loved the child despite her growing up to be erratic and eventually contracting a sickness of the mind. She indulged the girl for too long and was furious when she realized a rival had spelled her daughter’s mind beyond the point where it could be healed. It took her two years to give in and remove her daughter, an act she found she could not commit herself. She instead gave information to the local coven in a roundabout way and a witch took her daughter’s life.

She has had a decade to recover from the loss (and enact her revenge) and she rarely shows any emotions in regards to it now. As she enters the game she has returned after her trip to the North although she may have spent some time already observing the current situation in London and working her way back into the Faerie Court.

Personality: Mab is a force of nature and doesn't always react as a human might. She has expressed anger and sorrow especially in relation to her daughter but outside of anger and annoyance most emotions are rare to see. Mab is prideful and demands respect, sometimes forcefully. She is cold and vast, an embodiment of Winter itself. In her own canon, Harry has often said that Mab is ‘the Evil Queen who likely trained all other Evil Queens and then kept up quality control thereafter.’ She is ruthless and savage and thinks several steps ahead, hedging her bets. Mab has no qualms about sexuality or sensuality using them as tools or at whim.  In general the she is quite business-like, focused on goals which she will do whatever it takes to fulfill. Mab also always keeps her promises.

In relation to her ability to fit in outside the Other Realm, she can do so superficially but she has little to no understanding of pop culture, has had very little use for technology and thus it might be difficult for her to grasp the intricacies. Her speech is also more formal even when she’s not speaking old English.

Mab seems to take some pleasure from breaking in those she lays claim to. There is, in her opinion, something to a challenge that titillates her. In her own canon she spends months finding new ways to murder her freshly acquired Knight to help him grow stronger. She is very creative about it, from greeting him in the morning wielding an ax to locking him in a shower and filling it with water to dumping poisonous spiders on him while he goes through physical therapy. Her methods are horrifying but seem to be remarkably effective as well.  She also enacts her vengeance in much the same way, mixing pain and pleasure to torment a traitor with a remarkable patience.  She appreciates someone who will stand their ground though it’s a fine line to tread between giving her a chance to dominate her quarry or appreciating their ingenuity and just ticking her off.

As a Fae, accustomed to the healing and immortality of such, she finds human life and death thrilling and imperfections and scars fascinate her.

Mab’s main focuses will be obtaining power and knowledge of those around her and keeping the balance between the Fae courts. In her own canon she convinces the major factions of supernatural species to sign the Unseelie Accords which designate safe spaces in which all signatory factions agree not to open hostilities, a place for meetings to happen without interference. The accords also set out rules in which a member of one faction may call for a duel with a member of another faction to solve a dispute without resulting in full blown war between factions. It would be interesting to see if she can work toward something of the same sort in the game once influence is gained.

Powers & Possessions: Physically Mab is probably a 2-3. Magically in the Underground, Mab would be 4-6. Aside from the general fae abilities and weaknesses, Mab controls all things related to Winter her other strengths are air and darkness over which she has dominion in her own canon while it is only an affinity here.
  • She can freeze a person or body part solid. She does this with objects as well as creatures.
  • She can heal those who have sworn loyalty to her.
  • She tends to cool the air around her naturally.  When angry cold can snap in faster like opening a freezer door, forming frost on nearby objects.  She can also do so purposely by breathing out her magic.
  • Mab can shield if she has enough time to gather her energy. Surprise attacks will get through without issue and prolonged attacks might sap her strength.
  • As a start she will only be able to affect weather within a block radius and only if she’s expending a good deal of energy. This might expand as she grows in the game.  Sometimes she'll use a flurry of snow as a door to the Other Realm.
  • Her veils can cloak an area in darkness completely including both mundane and magical light.
  • She can maintain ice in her own home and it’s immediate surroundings without effort, including things like icicle traps.
  • Mab can create a sort of model 3D playback in snow of an event she has witnessed. It’s all white so not much definition but it is effective in showing an overall picture.
  • If you owe Mab a debt, and openly refuse to make redress she can control your movement for a short period of time.
  • She can communicate through an image in water. It is one way only and she can choose just one specific destination or every single drop of water in a radius.
  • The Judge - Mab becomes crone-like, gaunt and terrifying her hair and eyes turn midnight black as do her clothes and she brings judgement on someone and issues their death warrant.

I am not opposed to some of this being abilities she will need to gain in play just let me know which ones I start with if that's the case. The last would only be available if she attained status of Queen and it was somehow needed in game. It is not used for fighting so much as a final necessary execution sentence to be delivered by one of her servitors. It is punishment for breaking her laws and is generally only used on her own people.

I would like her to be able to bring a set of Thorn Manacles (described below)

Samples: Claiming a Winter Knight (Balthazar Blake) (This sample is over 300 comments long and she is taken from just before Ghost Story came out)
Mab Meets the Doctor while all Hell breaks loose
Mab meets Elsa
Introduced to another world

World building

Items: Thorn manacles
high leveldark spellbooks
A form of manacles used to prevent the cuffed person from using magic. Made by faeries—troll-smiths of the Unseelie Court the manacles become a frozen agony so strong they wipe out all thought if the wearer reaches for their magic. To overcome the bindings of the manacles seek that which is bane to those who made them (sunlight, iron or silver)
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The tinkling of bells announces a visitor in the shop as the door opens and a breeze that feels like the onset of winter sweeps into the building rustling papers and sapping moisture out of the air. When the door shuts again with another soft tinkling of bells the cool stays, drifting through the room in silent fingers of chill. The soft clicks of heels on hardwood can be heard in the quiet of the building. When the woman comes into view, her most striking feature, and she has many, is the pure white hair, pulled up onto her head in a loose mass. Her pale skin glows in the sunlight trickling in through the windows and her green eyes scan the surroundings, taking in the piles of antiques looking almost haphazard and stacked to loosely resemble order. Her fingers lift to run delicately along the heft of what looks like a Ming Dynasty warrior's spear. She moves farther in, passing stacks of books and an old writing desk as she looks for the proprietor of the shop, she does not appear to be in a hurry but her motions are brusque enough to see that she is not simply browsing. As her hand brushes across a writing desk she lifts up something silver and shining. Not the darker look of iron but pure silver, some sort of disk that she sets back down absently. "Hello?"