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Name/Alias: Athena
Plurk: AthenaZ

Character Name: Queen Mab
Source: The Dresden Files (she is current through Skin Games)
Genre: The series is Urban Fantasy, Mab is High Fantasy

Personality: Mab is a force of nature. She doesn't have goals like humans have goals and she doesn't feel emotions in the same way humans do, though she has expressed anger and sorrow. Mab is prideful and demands respect, and if she does not get it, has been known to smite in horrifying ways. She is cold and vast, an embodiment of Winter itself. Most sane people are terrified of her for good reason. And yet it would be a bad idea to try to kill her because without Winter's monarch, the world would be destroyed. Harry has often said that Mab is the Evil Queen who likely trained all other Evil Queens and then kept up quality control thereafter. She is ruthless and savage and thinks about fifty steps ahead, hedging all her bets. She is lovely and she knows how to use that to her advantage. Mab, for the most part though, is quite business-like. She has goals she needs to meet and she will do whatever it takes to fulfill them.

History: Mab is an immortal exists as a balance to Titania of the Summer Court of Faerie and neither court can move without the other mirroring the move. She has the double purpose of protecting the mundane world and the NeverNever from the Adversary at the outer gates. She is one of four main players in her court. Mother Winter was the previous Queen and the Winter Lady will be the future Queen. And the Knight carries out her justice, especially among mortals who she is forbidden to kill herself. Maeve was her Lady and her daughter until the Adversary infected her. She is currently training the new Winter Lady. Her previous Knight, Lloyd Slate betrayed her and she tortured him for seven years until her current Knight finally took his place and put Lloyd out of his misery.

Powers/Abilities/Unique Items: Mab is a god character. With this in mind I plan to keep her in check and clear things with other players before she does many things. With that in mind she controls all things Winter and cold is her forte. She can use magic as though it is simply a part of who she is which it is. She is immortal and cannot be killed except by very specific rituals and/or on very specific days. For the purposes of the game if she does get angry I may have to bring in a Malk or make Harry her translator so people aren't constantly bleeding from the ears. Mab cannot lie though she can play with words like a master and she cannot kill a mortal. She is fae and will likely enjoy putting people in debt to her for favors. If you owe her three favors, she owns you.

Physical Description: Mab is tall, about six feet though she can make herself as large or small as she chooses. She has long white hair and skin that is just as pale, her eyes change color between greens, blues and violets and are slitted like a cat. She has lips the color of frozen mulberries. She is striking. Abnormally lovely.

Things you should know: If you say her name three times that can be considered a summoning. Please tell me if you do this idly in conversation so she can Show Up and cause you problems. :)
Iron is bane to Fae. It can physically hurt them and in some cases kill them. I don't expect it would kill her but she will be VERY ANGRY if it touches her or is left in her general vicinity. She will likely wear gloves sometimes just to avoid this.


Lea on Mab's vengeance when Harry finds the Winter Knight (who betrayed Mab) hanging from a tree, mangled beyond recognition, blind and mostly frozen where he has apparently been for the last seven years:

"You do not understand his true torment." 

I glanced from her to the Winter Knight. "Uh, What?"

"Slate," she purred, and flicked her eyes in his direction. She was unable to move her head for the ice about it.  "There is pain, of course.  But anyone can inflict pain.  Accidents inflict pain. Pain is the natural order of the universe and so it is hardly a tool mete for the Queen of Air and Darkness.  She tortures him with kindness."

I frowned at Slate for a moment, and then grimace imagining it.  "She leaves him hung up like that .  And then she comes and saves him from it."

My godmother smiled, a purring sound accompanying the expression. "She heals his wounds and takes his pain.  She restores his sight, and the first thing his eyes see is the face of she who delivers him from agony.  She cares for him with her own hands, warms him, feeds him, cleans away the filth.  And then she takes him to her bower.  Poor man.  He knows that when he wakes , he will hang blind upon the tree again - and can do naught else but long for her return." 

I shook my head.  "You think he's going to fall for that?"  I said.  "Fall in love with her?"

Lea smiled.  "Love," she murmured. "Perhaps, and perhaps not.  But need.  Oh, yes.  You underestimate the simple things, my godchild."  her eyes glittered.  "Being given food and warmth.  Being touched.  Being cleaned and cared for and desired.  Over and over. spinning him through agony and ecstasy.  The mortal mind breaks down.  Not all at once.  But slowly.  The way water will wear down stone."  Her madly glittering eyes focused on me, and her tone took on a note of warning. "It is a slow seduction.  A conversion by the smallest steps."

The skin on my left palm itched intensely for a moment the living skin of the Lasciel sigil.

"Yes." Lea hissed.  "Mab, you see, is patient.  She has time.  And when the last walls of his mind have failed, and he looks forward with joy to his return to the tree, she will have destroyed him.    And he will be discarded.  He only lives so long as he resists."  She closed her eyes for a moment and said, "This is wisdom you should retain my child."

"Lea," I said.  "What has happened to you?  how long have you been a sidhe-sicle?"

Some of the strength seemed to ebb from her, and she suddenly seemed exhausted.  "I grew too arrogant with the power I held.  I thought I could overcome what stalks us all.  Foolish. Milady Queen Mab taught me the error of my ways."

"She's had you locked up in your own private iceberg for more than a year?"  I shook my head.  "Godmother, you look like you fell out of a crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down."

Her eyes opened again, glittering and unsettling as hell.  And she laughed.  It was a quiet, low sound- and it sounded nothing like the laugh of the deadly Sidhe sorceress I'd known since before I could drive.

"Crazy tree," she murmured and her eyes closed again.  "Yes"

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